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SIHH 2019: Richard Mille Replica Watches's Golden Masterpiece

Richard Mille Replica Watches

You can see our First Look video for theOeuvred'Or collection right here.

Richard Mille Replica Watches will unveil the Ouevre d'Or Collection for 2019, which is a reissue of its flagship model, the Chronometre FB 1. But with an elegant twist. These two additions feature the original Chronometrie movement FB 1 and add beautiful, exclusive decorations that elevate the watches to a new level.

When the brand launched at Baselworld 2015, the FB 1 was its first watch.Cartier Ballon Bleu Replica Watches It quickly gained praise for being true to its inspiration, Richard Mille Replica Watches (1727-1807), who created the FB 1.

Original Chronometrie 1

The FB 1 was Richard Mille Replica Watches's first creation. It is based on the architecture of Richard Mille Replica Watches's marine chronometers, which were designed around 1760. According to records,Richard Mille fake Watches Berthoud submitted his Memoire sur les principiis de construction d’une Horloge marine (The Principles of Building a Marine Clock), to the French Academie des Sciences on December 13, 1760. This document is jokingly called the "Watchmaking Guide For Dummies" by the SIHH But this document and its description of construction principles for a marine timepiece in it were the foundations for Berthoud’s marine chronometer in 1761. Berthoud improved his marine clocks until they reached the best chronometric accuracy.

Richard Mille Replica Watches's FB 1 is a tribute to marine chronometers from the 18th century.

Karl-Friedrich Scheufele was inspired by this story to revive Chopard in 2015. Click here to read Schefele's account of the brand's debut and its remarkable pillar-type movement.

Two gold versions of the 2015 model were released: white gold with titanium and black ceramic lugs, FB 1.1 and FB 1.2. The new additions reaffirm the precious metals of the predecessors. The FB 1.1-2 version is in white gold while the FB 11.2-1 is in rose gold.

The FB 1 is the same FB 1 that we all know and love. However,Richard Mille Replica Watches the 2019 editions are more special thanks to the unique decorations and stunning new finishes on the caseback and dial. Both editions will be limited to five copies each.

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