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Case Studies

The following are examples of where equity release could provide a solution to a person’s particular situation.  They are not based on particular clients and should not be used as a guarantee of what schemes may be available, as different options would apply to different applicants; dependent on their particular circumstances.

Mr E, Colchester

Mr E (age 68) lives in a modest home in Colchester, currently valued at £180,000. He currently has an Interest Only mortgage which is coming to the end of the term and due to an endowment shortfall of £40,000, he has no way to repay the mortgage and cannot afford to switch to a capital and interest basis.


 Mr E has lived in his property for over 40 years and it holds a lot of memories of his late wife so he is reluctant to downsize and move home. His children do not have sufficient funds to help their father repay the mortgage.
Possible solution

With a Roll Up Lifetime Mortgage provided by one of the equity release providers specialising in this area, Mr E could release up to £53,100 (29.5%) from his property, using £40,000 to pay off the mortgage.

Mrs S, Broxbourne

Mrs S (81) lives in a flat in Broxbourne, currently valued at £200,000. Having retired almost 20 years ago, she is now finding that her pension doesn’t make ends meet as much as it used to and would like to increase her income so that she can treat herself now and again without worrying about the cost. The flat also needs a bit of redecoration but she cannot afford to do this on her pension.

Mrs S has no family and is not concerned about leaving an inheritance, but she does have a lot of friends in the area and doesn’t want to leave them behind by moving to a new property. She wants to enjoy the rest of her retirement whilst she is still able to and requires the financial freedom to enable her to do this.
Possible solution

With a Roll Up Lifetime Mortgage provided by one of the equity release providers specialising in this area, Mrs S could release up to £84,000 (42%) from her property. She could take a smaller initial lump sum initially to supplement her income and make some home improvements to her flat, and have access to the remaining funds at a later date as and when they are needed via a Drawdown facility.

Source: Loan to value figures taken from the Just Retirement Adviser Website, current at August 2015


How much can I release?
Equity release allows homeowners aged 55 and over to release some of the money tied up their home, without the need to move.
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