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The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulates Lifetime Mortgages and Home Reversion Plans to ensure that consumers are protected and to raise the qualifications and expertise of those advising in this specialist area. Our Later Life Consultants are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority through our position as Appointed Representatives of Eversley Estate Planners Limited.
In addition, Safe Home Income Plans (SHIP) was launched in 1991 and provides a voluntary Code of Practice for both Lenders and Advisers to adhere to. This helps achieve and maintain a certain standard. This clearly sets out the risks involved in Equity Release and ensures consumers are given the right advice, appropriate for their personal circumstances.
SHIP also brought about the advent of the “No Negative Equity Guarantee”.  This is available through most Lifetime Mortgages, and is essential for those meeting the SHIP Code of Practice.
Negative Equity is where the total of your loan rises to more than the value of your property and you owe more than your property is worth.
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The “No Negative Equity Guarantee” is a promise that you or your beneficiaries will never have to repay more than the value of your property if you need to repay the loan on death or you move into Long Term Care (applies to the last borrower if a joint application).
SHIP are now known as The Equity Release Council. 

They continue to adhere to, and expand on, the principles of SHIP including their Code of Conduct and No Negative Equity Guarantee.

Further information can be found at their new website –

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Later Life Matters
Equity release allows homeowners aged 55 and over to release some of the money tied up their home, without the need to move.
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