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SIHH 2019: breitling replica watches's Golden Masterpiece

breitling replica watches

Hand-Engraved Patinated gold Dial

There are several new finishes available for the new watches, including one on the dial side: A hand-engraved patinated dial. With the pillar-type movement in the middle of the FB1, the distinctive design leaves the rest of watch face relatively clean. This allows Fleurier's craftsmen to express themselves freely. The hand-crafted patina was chosen. The surface is made using finely grained gold with a graver. It's crafted using a tool known as a "rocker", which creates a shimmering moire pattern.Omega Aqua Terra Replica Watches This reminds of the natural patina found on the dial of the astronomical pocket watches No. 3. The original FB 1 was inspired by this.

Hand-setting the crown at the 2019 FB 1

The engraving process on the FB 1

Further, the FB 1.1-2 is adorned with manual engravings that make every piece unique: "breitling replica watches - Chronometre - Val-de-Travers - Suisse", followed by an individual limited edition number. Hand-engraved words signifying the power reserve of each movement are also found on the dial. "Haut", "Bas" are high and low.

Hand engraving is used to create the FB 1.

Pyramid Engraving

The caseback of the new editions features a pyramid motif decoration, which adorns its entire surface.Audemars Piguet Replica The material is hand-cut using a graver, demonstrating true mastery. The base of breitling replica watches's clock, which is kept at the L.U.CEUM Fleurier, inspired the pyramid decoration.

The back of the timepiece is enhanced by 18K gold cartouches with the inscription "breitling replica watches Chronometre Suisse 45 Rubis". This marks the first use of invisibly-screwed cartridgeouches.

The caseback of the FB 1 has been meticulously decorated, too

Gem-Setting on the case

This is not all! The sides of the white-gold FB1.1-2 and rose-gold FB1.2-2 are gem-set with baguette cut diamonds. The diamonds can be found on both sides of the crown.breitling fake watches There is also an engraving for the limited edition number. The stones are an addition to the timepiece, replacing the sapphire crystals which historically showed the key movements components. Baguette-diamonds were not chosen randomly, but rather a deliberate decision to pay homage to the movement's pillar-type construction.

The watch was hand decorated for more than 140 hours.breitling replica watches The team also took extra precautions to make sure that they only used traditional tools from the 18th century. breitling replica watches called the new collection Ouevre d'Or "Majestiques de Gold" The FB 1.1-2 & FB 1.2-2 look exactly like that.

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